Brand New Business Website: Hire a web developer Versus Do It Yourself

When it comes to starting up your own business, your website is a fundamental communication tool to help you spread the word about the type of product or service you are offering to a wide and diverse audience.

With any new business, budget is always tight, but one thing you don\'t want to scrimp on is your website. Here\'s the reasons why it\'s savvy to use the knowledge and expertise of a web developer for the creation of your site over a \'do it yourself\' online template.


Most \'create your own\' online set up sites only include a certain number of pages and do not take into account any additional databases or special scripting you may need now and in the future. What happens if your business starts to grow - and quickly?

Personal approach

You want your business to truly reflect your business offer, brand, vision and personality, which you can\'t get across using a faceless screen. Most web developers will set up regular meetings with you, to get to know you and your business, your goals, then go away and create a website which is as unique as you are.


A web developer will take all the hassle away from you. You won\'t need to spend time setting up your own website online, which can be a real minefield for people starting out. They will handle all the design work, layout, and have access to the latest tech and programmes available, to ensure your site won\'t look the same as anyone else\'s!

See your business become a reality

Working with a web developer will mean you can be part of the planning stages of your website design, so you can experience the \'look and feel\' of your new site, and really start to see it evolving and coming to fruition.

Making a statement

You want your business to stand out from the crowd after all, so it must be memorable and make online visitors take note.

It\'s all about choice

Working with a web developer gives you the extra support you often need when managing a website. When things are going well you can choose to manage it yourself but when things get a bit tricky or you simply just don\'t have the time, you have that option. Along with the security of knowing that your web developer is there to help and support you.



A professionally designed website will help your business stand out from the crowd and give you creditability - essential for starting out in the big wide world of business.

SEO - If you don\'t know your \'meta\' from your \'SEO\', it\'s best to seek the guidance of a web developer, who will ensure your site is search engine friendly, with the necessary SEO tagging and coding to elevate your business to the top of any Google searches for example.

Time investment

Setting up your own website will definitely take time away from your daily work i.e. meeting clients, getting your marketing tools together and promoting your fledging business. They say \'time is money\' right, so think very carefully about what\'s important when starting out on your new life-changing journey and avoid making any wrong turns at the very start.

Thinking of setting up your website?

Holly Small Design is offering new business start-ups, a special offer price of £500 +VAT, with a £25 per month hosting fee, which includes website creation and design, hosting, maintenance and support.

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