Risk Management Security Services

Brochure Design

The brief

Risk Management Security Services, basedin High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, provide bespoke security solutions. Holly Small Design has been responsible for all their graphic design, printed literature and brochure design since their company was restrustured.

The latest project has been some packaging design and brochure design resulting in a bespoke box containing three brochures and an invitation. The company wanted a professional and unique presentation box to give to prospective clients who were serious about saving money and switching their security services. The brief was to create and produce something which would leave a lasting impression and would not be readily discarded without closer inspection.

The result

The packaging design works with the corporate blue of their logo. It has a magnetic strip which seals the box and allows the customer to open the box and seal it over and over again with no damage to the packaging - keeping it pristine and making it (hoefully) more difficult for the customer to have the heart to discard it!

The brochure design for the invitation and three brochures combine a selection of stcok images to as a visual interpretation of their key messages. The messages were short and sharp to engage the reader and keep them reading.

The finishing of the box included foil blocking, matt lamination and spot-UV - giving it a multitude of textures attractive and intriguing to the customer.