Pilates 12

Branding Design

The brief

Pilates 12 is run by Susan who conducts Pilates classes in Harpenden and St Albans. She also offers private 1-2-1 or duet sessions.

Susan wanted a logo design focused solely on Pilates and made use of the colour yellow on a white background.

As Susan works across all age groups, it needed to be kept generic enough to appeal to people of all fitness levels and ages.

The result

Our first challenge for the logo design was to find a yellow which worked well on a white worded background and one which Susan would be happy with.

We chose Sunflower, a beautiful shade of yellow that stands out proud on a white background.

It exudes a positive energy which evokes warmth and relaxation, seamlessly complementing the benefits of Pilates.

We included the essence of Pilates within the wording, making the “i” and the “l” of the word Pilates into the focal point by shaping it into the body of someone exercising with Pilates, showing the muscle stretching, strengthening and flexibility it gives.

Highlighted in in the Sunflower yellow, the “i” forms the calf of the leg being stretched in a pose, while the “l” promotes the benefits of the core stretch and top of the body.

The specific imagery of Pilates in the name, combined with the warm palette and inviting typeface resulted in an ideal logo design for Pilates 12.