Refresh Your Website Wardrobe

Does your website spark joy every time you look at it or are you tired of seeing the same old content?
Have you even looked at it in the last few weeks?

We all go through a point where the clutter in our homes gets on top of us, and boom, just like that we\'re emptying all the drawers and cupboards, ready to throw out things that no longer serve their purpose.

If you\'re tired of looking at the same pages with outdated information, it\'s a sure sign that your potential clients are too.

Is it time for you to do the same with your website?

We\'ve compiled a list of 7 top tips to help you make your website look squeaky clean and refreshed

1.     Check the basics

-        Is your contact information up to date?

-        Do the links and widgets for social media and email work as expected?

-        Are all your forms being submitted successfully?

-        Do any of your pages or actions result in an error code?

-        Are all the navigation points taking you to the intended page?

-        Are all your Call To Actions working correctly?

-        Does the site look as great on mobile as it does on desktop?

Click on each social media icon or link and make sure it\'s going to the relevant social media page for your business.

Send a form to yourself and see if you receive it with all the details you entered.

Check your website on mobile, laptop, tablet and desktop to make sure it looks professional and consistent on all devices.

Leave an hour or so to check each page to make sure that these all work and if there are any error messages, create a list, take screenshots and send to your web designer once you\'re finished.

2.     Are you promoting what you are selling?  

It would be a bit embarrassing if a visitor went to your product page to and everything is out of stock or contacts you about the services your website says you offer only to find you stopped providing that service months ago.

Make sure the services you have listed are up to date and you\'re only showing the services you are actively offering.

For products, any out of stock products which you are no longer selling, should be removed

3.     Test your Text.

Are your eyes drawn to the text rather than that gorgeous bracelet your selling? It\'s time to be clear and concise.

Look to see how much each page is taken up by text, as too much content can be an instant turn off.

4.     Content refresh

It\'s always worth reviewing your \"About Us\" Page every now and again.

How do you feel when you read it? Does it have the same appeal as when you first wrote it?

A great way to check it has the desired effect is to read it from the eyes of the intended audience.

Why not ask an existing customer or client to have a look and provide some feedback?

5.     Are you up to date?

When was the last time you wrote about something that happened in your industry, or the latest trends in your market or even some tips and tricks to share with your audience?

Remember that regularly updating your content helps with organic SEO so if your news or blog content is running low on excitement, start creating new content.

And if you don\'t have a page for this…it\'s time to get one.

6.     Imagery

Is the site looking a bit dated?

Go through your images and see which ones could be updated to inject some life into your site.

It\'s amazing what a change of just one image can do.

Look at your homepage and page banners and change it up a bit.

7.     Boast about your achievements

Your website is your channel to shout about the great work you\'ve been doing.

If you don\'t share your latest success story, how will people know about it?

Testimonials and case studies work wonders and shows that the proof is in the pudding.

Visitors love to see the work you have done and what other clients feel about working with you.

It helps them move a few steps closer to becoming your customer.

Is it time you refreshed your website wardrobe?

Our team is always on hand to answer any questions you have and if you want to see how we can help, get in touch with us here [email protected]