Branding includes your logo, your identity and your marketing literature

Your branding should reflect your business the way you want to be perceived. On average people take around 6 seconds to make a judgement - whether this is your logo, business card, website, or any other marketing material.

We take time to identify what differentiates you from your competition and then brand you in a unique way that makes your customers want to choose you.



We help organisations and companies market their product or service online more effectively.

Holly Small Design creates custom-made websites. Based in Hemel Hempstead near Watford, Hertfordshire, we help UK companies and small business owners around the South of England by providing effective and professional websites that work.

We have incredible B2B industry knowledge that sets us well apart from our competitors.


Graphic design for print needs to be technically accurate and creatively designed - that's where we excel.

Based in Watford, we specialise in graphic design for print - from business stationery to brochures and leaflets, annual reports, and exhibition graphics. We take time to understand how our clients want to be perceived. Once the brand is established, we provide a graphic design using the right combination of colours, fonts, graphics, and layout to give the right look and feel for the client, whilst getting their message across clearly and accurately.



SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is an integral part of website content for clients to be recognised and ranked with search engines.

By researching the key words before designing a web site we are able to optimise sites by naming pages with key words and building pages ‘key word rich’ with useful relevant content that we know potential customers are searching for.

We know that the best web design is not only professional, looks good and is easy to navigate, but which also has all SEO targets met before the site is built.


Our in-house digital marketing expertise enables us to help with getting your brand noticed online through social media and video

Our digital marketing team is experienced in skilled in helping with clients' social media strategy, creating stunning and branded templates, planning and executing posts. We can also help with creative and technical writing.