Why isn’t my website on Google?

As a business, it can be infuriating when you have followed Google\'s advice on Search Engine Optimisation techniques and your website is still not showing up on a Google search.

There are many people who devote a lot of time and effort into getting SEO right, and it\'s not as straightforward as some people think. We know it\'s hard to get it right consistently.

Google will crawl the web for new updated content, and then stores the information it finds in an index. When somebody performs a search on Google, it will scour the index for relevant content. If you have little to no content on your website, then Google will not place you high in the search ranking. As a result, you will receive little or no traffic from its customers.

You are able to do a few simple things in order to improve this yourself. Essentially need to start adding content to your website!

If you offer a variety of services then you need pages for each of service to make the content for each uniquely relevant.

Ensure that the images being placed on each page are high quality and optimised. Images however should be no larger than the largest size they will be displayed on a desktop device. That means that most image in the content of the page are between 300 and 1200 pixels wide.

Another big no-no on Google is duplicating content. Each page of a website should have its own unique content. Not taking the time to do this is likely to cause Google to penalise your site.

It could be that you are not providing links on your pages. It is just as important to link content within your website, as it is to external websites. However if you are linking to untrustworthy websites, you will not appear on Google searches, and it\'s essential that you do not do this!

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