10 examples of great social media branding

Nowadays, if you want your business to thrive, then a social media marketing strategy willisvital for your success. However, crafting one is not necessarily straightforward as there is no step-by-step guide on how to do it. But what you can do is look at who has been successful in the past and get an idea of the strategies they have used to excel on. To help inspire you, here are 10 examples of great social media branding.

1. Innocent Smoothies

Innocent Smoothies are famous for their ability to publish funny and engaging infographics and posts that mums, dads, teenagers and older people all love.

2. Tasty

ITasty was founded only a few short years ago, however, their short, well-edited videos showing incredibly tasty food has meant they have quickly gone viral.


TOMS #WithoutShoes campaign quickly went viral with hundreds of thousands of people getting involved, quickly highlighting the fact that the company has a caring and giving mission statement.

4. Knorr

Knorr\'s #LoveAtFirstSight campaign used videos and social media to generate incredible visibility for the company and to help make basic food exciting.

5. BT

BT was one of the first companies to utilise social media to help give their customers a faster and more efficient means of communicating with them.

6. Domino\'s

Domino\'s Pizza has been at the forefront of innovative ideas and now allow customers to quickly reorder their favourite pizzas directly through Facebook Messenger.

7. GoPro

GoPro is wildly successful across all social platforms as their videos help highlight how amazing their product is when used in all kinds of extreme sports.

8. Dove

Dove's campaigns such as #LoveYourself and #NoLikesNeeded have helped to encourage women all over the world to believe in themselves and accept their inner beauty.

9. Nike

Rather than focusing solely on their shoes, Nike spread stories about athletes wearing their apparel and the dedication they put into achieving their sporting success.

10. L\'Oreal

L\'Oreal has helped to massively build their social presence after they started encouraging employees to showcase the human element of the company by sharing images and videos of them at work.

As you can see, it is easy to achieve success with your social media strategy regardless of what industry you might be in. But doing so means getting creative and designing innovative ways to help stand out to your target audience. It\'s time to get to work designing a strategy that you think will work and which can help grow your brand exponentially in 2018.