Big business impact

Established in 2000

Our mission

Holly Small Design is dedicated to helping their clients get more business by getting noticed and attract more of the right business.

Our team are all trained to deliver consistently a high level of customer service and understand the importance of consistent branding and excellent design. We understand the importance of listening to what our customers want and need and being able to identify when these two things may be misaligned.

We guide our clients through the processes of working with a designer, and are always willing to help and support at any stage of a project.

About Holly

After graduating with a degree in Media + Graphic & Website Development at Portsmouth University, Holly Small gained valuable industry experience before ‘going it alone’ in 2000. Her aim was to grow a reputation for B2B (business to business) design project management – something that is at the heart of every HSD.

Within a short space of time, Holly’s lecturers were proved right when they said ‘Holly will be a success because of her natural business intuition’. Now renowned for a high-end creative service for SME’s (small to medium enterprises), Holly Small Design Ltd has grown from strength to strength, remaining the best option when combining practical audience needs with strong USP (unique selling point) brand messaging.

Holly is calm, practical and incredibly talented. She is a bit of a technical geek - so jargon aware in briefings - when other designers start to glaze over. The team of trusted associates handpicked to work alongside Holly, describe her giggle as infectious and golf handicap as ‘awesome’.

Trust Holly Small Design, based in Hemel Hempstead, near Watford, to make a big impact on your business.