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The first step to being successful online is to have a great looking website.

The first step to being successful online is to have a great looking website that accurately reflects your brand and draws potential customers in. Once on your site, your customer's journey must be smooth and easy for them to navigate, with a clear 'call to action'.

It's one thing having a great looking site, but if it can't be found easily through the search engines you can only rely on people finding your site by traditional methods such as word of mouth referrals, promotional literature such as brochures and flyers, adverts or your business card.

Digital marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) have developed rapidly over the last few years and is something which every small business and company should consider. We always advise clients that just having a web site and web presence is often not always enough to get found by the search engines. You have to feed the system with fresh relevant content almost daily! The more articles and information you can provide on your website the more helpful it is for people visiting it.

We offer various levels of web site optimisation and internet marketing - from keywords and meta tags to advanced features such as using social networking (e.g. Twitter), forums, blogs, video, podcasts and other clever widgets to help with improving your site rankings.

Each client, service and product benefits from our consultation time before an seo programme is recommended. Clients whose products or services are more unique and geographically isolated are far easier to rank higher with the search engines. Prices start form as little as £75+VAT per month.

Our Digital Marketing services also include:

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    Social Media

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    Google Analytics

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    Forum and Blogs - Article Writing and Submission

These are just important as search engine optimisation and can often help your site get ranked better on the search engines by increasing the number of links to your site. This is an important aspect of getting noticed but also by showing Google and other search engines that your site is worth visiting.

Other methods of internet marketing include; web banners, email newsletters and html emails – and we can handle all of your needs.


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