10 web design trends in 2017

As we all continue to embrace the worldwide web and its ever-growing technological advancements and developments, getting your website fighting fit for the start of 2017 should be one of the top priorities for any business marketing strategy, whether you're just starting out or have a company website in need of a re-design. With this in mind, here are just a small selection of the design trends that are likely to shape the world of web design this year. Are you sitting comfortably?

  1. Less is more – You can SERIOUSLY put any new visitor to your website off with too much clutter and a load of navigation options. Would you really want to click through three or even four times to get to the page you want! Expect fewer choices this year, which will make finding things a whole lot easier.
  2. Farewell to stock photography – Your business needs to stand out from the crowd, be appealing and really say something about your core values. That's why there is going to be a shift to ditch stock photos and start putting our creative juices into play which reflect what your business is all about.
  3. Fabulous fonts – Introducing Google Fonts, allowing you to preview and select a whole range of fonts and colours of your choosing, so go with something bold, bright and new. Web designers are sure to be investing in this!
  4. Mobile-first-approach – This isn't exactly new, but you are guaranteed to see a huge increase in the number of businesses making this a top priority in designing new apps and websites. You have been warned!
  5. Top typography – Ensuring your website is clean and speedy will of course enhance user experience, but also investing in a decent typography will set the scene for your business right from the off. You will even see the increasing use of handwritten typographies as businesses seek to pull out all the stops to make their digital mark.
  6. I'm a storyteller, and my story must be told – Remember this as a child? Well, the mantra is still true today. Good storytelling is a powerful approach in helping to attract visitors to your website, so forward plan and make it a focus this year.
  7. Video star – It goes without saying video has become one of the most important communication tools to date, and it will be no different this year. Take the time to market your business with impactful and engaging video and watch your business flourish!
  8. Chat bots – These funny-looking on-screen robots are expected to make a real statement this year in helping to develop interaction between business websites and users. Watch this space!
  9. 3D scrolling – Parallax Scrolling can give your website that 3d illusion which is all the rage, and it will also look and feel dynamic. Users will want to get in touch!
  10. Pay monthly web packages with no up front costs – are being introduced by Holly Small Design . If you know you want or need a new website but don't have a lump sum to invest, this might be the solution. Prices start from £65+VAT per month for a bespoke website.

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