5 examples of great promotional videos

In today's digital climate, a great promotional video can be the difference between your brand skyrocketing into the mainstream consciousness or sinking into a gloomy, forgettable abyss. Whether you're looking for exposure through YouTube, investment from crowdfunding, or simply want to tell the world about your business through your social media channels, branding marketing digital solutions design is key.

In this blog, we'll look at five examples of great promotional videos which have propelled products, services and businesses into the consumer spotlight.

1. Dollar Shave Club

One of the most successful promo videos of all time came from the team at Dollar Shave Club. Their razor-sharp wit (sorry) has seen them rack up more than 25 million views at the time of writing whilst their blunt (stop it now) delivery sets them apart from the competition.

2. Old Spice

Is there a cooler man on the planet than Terry Crews? Old Spice captured the irresistible former American Football star at a time when he was receiving a cult-like following from a younger generation of fans. Over 55 million people have watched this advert alone, which is just one of a five-advert series.

3. Anthony Joshua vs Vladimir Klitschko

Trying to convince sports fans to shell out anywhere between £20-£80 for a PPV sports event is no mean feat, although Eddie Hearn and Matchroom Boxing are far better at it than most. The biggest fight of 2017 saw a record number of pay per view buys for the company, in part thanks to this stunning promo video.

4. Double Fine Crowdfunding

Undoubtedly one of the most famous crowdfunding videos of all time came from Double Fine Studios. The indie game designer used a beautiful blend of idiocy, sarcasm, satire and humour to attract millions of dollars of investment for a game that didn't exist yet. Now that's powerful promo at work!

5. Will It Blend?

Once ranked as the number one viral video campaign of all time, Will It Blend has grown to become an internet pioneer. From iPads and an assortment of other Apple products to the latest Justin Bieber albums, Will It Blend attracts plenty of requests from brands who simply want visible exposure on this hugely successful YouTube channel.

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