5 Factors that make the perfect logo

When designing a logo there is a process. You can\'t just pick a colour, select a font and expect to create a spectacular logo. A logo represents a brand\'s identity and often gets more recognised than the company name.
We always ensure that before working on a logo for a client that we have a thorough understanding of their business, what makes them unique and who their target audience is.

1.Communicate your branding

Throughout the years we have learnt that before being able to create the perfect logo, we must first understand the main purpose of the logo.
A logo is your business\'s first touch point with the outside world - it is the face of your company. A logo needs to be immediately recognisable and visually share your business\'s brand and what you represent.

2. Simplicity is best

No doubt you have noticed that logos from the world\'s leading brands are often simple yet professional. If you are trying to set an identity, simplicity is best. Overly complicated logos tend to get lost and people won\'t remember them.
When we create a logo for a new company, we strive for a clear design and a logo that accurately represents and symbolises the brand.

3. Timeless Design

Logos from the world\'s leading brands are remembered because they are timeless designs and they don\'t often need updating. Look at PayPal for example. Originally designed in 1999, their logo has only been updated twice since then. Companies often make the mistake of choosing a logo based on the trends of the time but these often go out of fashion after just a few months, and then the logo appears dated. Don\'t get us wrong, we are not saying that giving your design a contemporary look should be completely avoided. We ensure that when designing a logo for a client that the logo will remain fresh and will look good according to how styles change over time.

4. Colour in logo Design

It is inevitable that everyone loves colour. The appeal doesn\'t disappear with time. Colours can provide clarity and warmth to a design.
Big brands are instantly recognisable and colour plays a huge part in that. You can\'t tell me you don\'t know there\'s a McDonald\'s nearby when you see those big yellow arches.
Colours stimulate our emotions - sub-consciously certain colours are fixed in our mind. For example, we know that the meaning of a red light means we have to stop and green means go. The human mind automatically responds to these colours in this way.

5. Get professional help

We have seen many amateur attempts at logo design throughout the years, and they can be spotted a mile away. Always get professional help when designing a logo! After all they say that the way you do something is the way you do everything, which suggests to your clients that if your logo has not been designed professionally then your company is not professional.
We always provide our clients with several different options so they are able to share them with colleagues, friends and family. We understand that everyone looks at thing\'s differently, and you want to know how your logo comes across to others. By giving you options, we ensure you have a choice of logos that will appeal to all types of people reaching the right audience for your business.

Holly Small Design logos are particularly strong at combining meaning, theme and purpose into recognisable visuals. Print them, email them, wear them, watch them - we create in whatever form you want. Get in touch with Holly Small Design today to find out more. [email protected]