7 Reasons why you should outsource and not always stay in-house

Getting the right balance between expertise and budget can be sometimes considered one of life's little headaches for businesses when it comes to deciding on choosing to stay in-house or outsourcing design and digital project work. We show you why the latter for many is becoming the preferred option.

Here's why:

1 E is for Experience

Does anyone in your in-house team really possess the right skills for the job or are you just trying to squeeze someone into a shoe that really doesn't fit?

2 T is for Time

The bain of any busy professional is not having enough hours in the day to finish tasks on an ever-growing 'to do' list. It's therefore very important to consider, if you give an in-house employee a brand new project to focus on and manage, will they really have enough time, enthusiasm and the inclination to take it on full throttle, and complete it in a timely fashion? Maybe, but maybe not right?

3. C is for Choice

If you choose to outsource project or campaign work to an agency like Holly Small Design, you will be opened up to an abundance of new ideas, creativity and the latest technology currently available on the market of course. Sound good?

4. B is for benefits

By outsourcing, there's no need to pay additional overtime, holiday pay, pensions and other employee benefit costs - the project fee is a set amount for the work undertaken and that's it. Also, the cost of employing a marketing person in-house is usually far more than considering outsourcing a number of projects within the financial year - definitely worth thinking about wouldn't you agree.

5. K is for knowledge

As specialist web developers and graphic designers, we have extensive knowledge in our area. We can help you decide on the best way forward using a balance of a variety of marketing tools and tactics that really do work if we do say so ourselves!

6. D is for delay

Say your in-house employee goes off on long-term sick, who will be covering this time-sensitive project? No-one is the answer. By outsourcing, there will always be someone to take over the reigns straight away if need be at no additional sickness pay cost.

7. T is for team

Any good digital graphic design company worth their weight in gold will have access to everybody from graphic designers, SEO experts, web developers and social media gurus, as well as great content writers, leaving you to concentrate your efforts on other areas of your business.

Make the most of utilising the skills, talent and know-how of a good graphic design agency, and there'll be no stopping you!

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