7 Reasons why you should outsource your graphic design projects

I know, I know, when you start out on your new business venture, you really don't want to be spending too much on marketing materials from the off. Budget is exceedingly tight, and sometimes you can be tempted to fall into the trap of taking on the design and artwork for your fledgling business yourself - a BIG no no if you want to get some sleep that is!

Take a look at these useful tips on why enlisting the support of a professional graphic designer really is worth its weight in gold.

  1. Professionalism - the most important part of any business is its brand identity, message and design, and for this you need a creative expert who will research the latest marketing and online technology to benefit your business, and who will take a sneaky peek at what your competitors are doing at the same time too.
  2. Time saving - do you really have enough hours in the day to be creating and designing your business artwork - logo, strapline, website, business cards - and that's just for starters?! think not.
  3. Save money (and a headache in the long run) - you may think spending £10 on 10,000 business cards is a real steal, or a DIY website for £75 is bargain, but further down the line, you may come to realise that actually your brand-new business really isn't standing out from the crowd at all.
  4. Put your business in the spotlight - the talent and expertise provided by a skilled graphic designer will not only capture your brand, and what you are trying to communicate to your audience, but will ensure you are an active part of the entire process. It's a two-way partnership you see, and together, you will work hand-in-hand, arm-in-arm, to get your brand and message right first time around, not second, or third.
  5. Take pride in your work - The last thing any new business wants to do is send out second-rate marketing materials to try and engage with a new audience. You want to make an impression, you want people to be talking about you, so get it right from the start and you'll soon be reaping the rewards!
  6. Brainstorming - it's fair to say most good graphic designers will have a fair amount of know-how when it comes to using the right software, gizmos and apps, plus they will be brimming with creative ideas, which you will probably not have even thought of. Grab this font of knowledge with both hands and the world's your oyster!
  7. Save yourself the hassle - REALLY. Why would you want to scrimp on your business identity from the start and find out that A LOT needs to change sooner than you think! Just remember that by ditching a designer and going solo may mean big, big problems and a sore head.

At Holly Small Design we offer bespoke graphic design packages to suit each and every business we work with, whether you're big or small. After all, we're all unique aren't we!

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