A guide to SSL

What It Is and Why It Makes Your Website More Secure

With increase in traffic on the worldwide web, businesses are having to become more internet savvy and understand how they protect the rights, data and information-sharing of users visiting their sites. So, we ask, is your current website providing top-notch security or as it\'s called in the trade, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for your web visitors?

Why should we take SSL seriously?

Well, simply put, when you have search engine giant Google paving the way three years ago, by launching 'HTTPS' (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol) as a ranking signal, the world took note! This introduction created a bit of stir amongst web developers and marketeers, who were seeking answers to questions such as, does SSL mean better rankings and SEO, and should we be joining the SSL bandwagon?

Let's try and break it down shall we.

Firstly, what is HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)

  • It's a system for transmitting and receiving data and information across the internet
  • It mainly focuses on the way data is presented to the user - the user-experience if you like
  • HTTP doesn't really focus on how this data gets from A to B

And, HTTPS (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol)

  • It's designed to enable authorisation as well as safer and secure transactions
  • It provides an extra layer of security padding for a better all-round user-experience
  • It can be classed as the best of both worlds - on the one hand, caring about the overall user-experience and on the other, ensuring the user's safety is paramount

The benefits of HTTPS

We've summed it up for you, in six simple terms:

  1. You get a much more secure connection
  2. There are additional layers of user-security and protection/li>
  3. User data is kept secure and private/li>
  4. Hackers will likely have more difficulty accessing HTTPS sites as there is also a 'private key' encryption to get through/li>
  5. Your Google SEO ranking will be higher as the search engine prefers SSL web pages/li>
  6. SSL instils user-trust/li>

Are there any downfalls to SSL?

Well, we don't think so, but some might say, if you're a small business, you may think investing in SSL is simply not in your price bracket, but remember, the actual SSL certificate is free and if you use a reputable web designer, encrypting and data costs can be kept to a minimum. Finally, the future web is going to be one with increasing user safety, data protection and encryption coding as more and more of us use the web for services and purchases, so why wouldn't you want to start as you mean to go on, right from the off? Investing a little now, will add kudos to your website, now and in the future.

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