Web Design and Development


The brief

Alphalyse wanted to modernise their existing website and create a cohesive customer experience for new and current clients. It was important that anyone visiting the website could understand the products  and services available, access information and see how Alphalyse could support projects of all sizes with confidence.

The result

We introduced a new and vibrant colour palette for the website, with accents of yellow and pink adding warmth and complimenting the tones of blues and greys, whilst linking with the rebrand that Alphalyse had undergone. Information about the company history and their approach to business is shown in an interesting interactive time-line graphic to engage the site user. By using simplified heading content, it stopped the website feeling visually cluttered, while allowing access through links to more detailed information where required. Utilising the circular element from the logo throughout the website in a variety of colours, tints and sizes, adds interest and softens the section panels, creating a fresh design for this medical services company.