Black and Gold Wedding Photography site goes live

We recently helped a new business startup with their website - Black and Gold Wedding Photography. This site is an excellent example of how we were able to design a creative website with no restrictions of using pre-designed templates.

Black and Gold Wedding Photography is a new business which specialise in multi-cultural weddings rather than just the traditional wedding. Making use of the colourful photographs and images the photographer provided us with helped us to design and produce something that really helps them stand out from the crowd.

By designing from scratch and not using web templates, we were able to really excel with the web design and not be restricted from working with templates that other web comapnies often use to cut down on time and cost. For most of our customers this can be a real advantage as they know they are getting something unique to them which in turn helps them reflect the uniqueness of their business.

Please click here to view the Black and Gold Wedding Photography website