Boost Your Business: why going digital gives you the extra mile!

As the Covid-19 pandemic has altered our lives in ways we did not think possible, it has left many wondering how their businesses are going to survive. Evidently, there is no quick fix to ensure that our businesses have the stability and security that many are seeking. However, one way to prepare for the coming months would be to promote your business online. We are sure you have already heard this during conversations around the table with your friends, but we are here to say that now is the time to take the plunge.

Social media presence is becoming ever more important when it comes to growing a business, as since social media platforms first started to get recognition, they have evolved immensely and have been specifically developed to support brands across the world. What some people do not know, is that social media has many tools tailored towards businesses. Of course, it is a privilege to be able to access these tools, but the real benefits stem from how you use them. For instance, Instagram has a tool called \'insights\', which only becomes available when you activate a business account. This tool gives you advanced access to the engagement statistics generated from your profile.

You might still be asking yourself, why should I go digital? Well, when it comes to seeing what your customers might want, or want you to do more of, going digital helps with just that. The more interactions you have with your customers, the more likely they are to keep coming back. You might have also opened your business up to a wider demographic. Whether they have tagged your Facebook page, liked your posts, or sent them to other people, all these factors play a part in boosting your business. Online consultations are also another way of expanding your reach. If a customer wants to make an enquiry via Teams or Zoom, then not only can this be done from the comfort of either your own home or office, it might also save you both time.

It is not just social media that is worth investing in, either. Having a user-friendly website and products available to purchase is an excellent first step. And that is where we come in - once we have built your WordPress site and it has gone live, we offer free website training delivered via your platform of choice (under regular circumstances, this would be delivered in person).   We will also provide free written instructions with screenshots for you to refer to as well - giving you more control over the content on your website.   Contact a member of the team to find out how we can help you get that website up and running!

If you need help with any of these or even if you\'re not sure where to begin, get in touch with us by emailing [email protected] or give us a call on 01923 260519 as we\'re always on hand to guide you on the right path.