Boosting your business: Do you need to be on every social network?


As a business owner, you quickly learn about the powerful nature of social media platforms in terms of gaining reach and increasing your number of clients. However, to assume you’ll be able to instantly get a following by simply placing yourself within the online social sphere isn’t entirely realistic. So, do you need to be on every social network, a few, or just one? Well, the choice is yours, but we have done a little digging and have come up with some essential tips if you choose to use social media for your business.

Before we share our tips, take a moment to think about your ‘why’. What are your main reasons for setting up social channels? Are you wanting to engage with new clients, to feel ‘on trend’, or to drive in footfall? Whatever your ‘why’, it’s pivotal to consider the management and maintenance of your social channels. You might have the privilege of assigning one of your team members to manage the social channels, or you might be running them yourself. Therein lies tip number one: plan your social content!

Thinking of increasing your brand awareness?

Sounds good! Much like when you set up your website, you must think about your mission statement. What do you want to educate and inform others about on your platforms? How can your business make a difference for them and most importantly, why should they choose you over other competitors? Without trying to overload you with too much business jargon, it is essential that you consider your USP. When raising awareness of your brand, think about what your ethos is and your core values are. How can you portray and give importance to your brand’s values? Once you have asked yourself and the rest of the team these questions, it’s time to get to work on your socials.


Put People First

Want to achieve effective, client-driven results? Well, you guessed it. It all starts with putting clients first, both online and offline. Creating successful first impressions isn’t always easy, however, in the digital age, you can make a good first impression just by creating and managing a group of engaging platforms. When individuals come across your pages, they want to know if they can trust you and whether you’re a legitimate business. Instead of using Google, many clients now use social channels as a way of gauging your status as a business. If you can gain the trust of your followers, then you could be ever closer to securing that first sale.

Thought Leadership

Got something to say about your industry? Shout about it! Voicing your brand’s opinion on relevant industry topics not only shows that you are experts in your field but also shows that you have done your research and are committed to your business’ ethos. For instance, here at HSD, we can advise you on which CMS (Content Management System) to use or why you need to use photos and videos on your website. Having a perspective on industry topics conveys to your clients that you care about the space you work in and that your content has the capacity to invite discussion. All business starts with a discussion, so how are you starting yours?


Positive Brand Reputation

So, you’ve decided upon taking a client-first approach to socials, but how do you maintain it? Placing your brand on the map as responsive and reputable should be right there on your checklist. Developing a rapport with customers in the hospitality industry, for example, is all about interacting with customers at regular intervals, especially so that they purchase that second drink. Want your clients to use your services or buy your products more than once? Engage with them online, understand their wants and suggestions, persuade them that you’re the solution to their dilemma – whether that’s creating a website for them, producing art for their office, or delivering a catering service. When your brand builds up a positive rep, you’ll start to reap in that footfall.

Industry Updates

We browse shops to check out the latest fashion trends and you should be doing the same within your industry. It might sound cliché, but keeping up with the latest trends and patterns really is a must when you start up your social channels. What’s got everyone talking? Are there are any hot topics or significant changes happening that could affect your brand? You need to be in the know, which is why having even one social channel for your brand could be the difference between you staying on top or having to work a little more to get there. As well as getting updates on the latest trends and patterns noted within your industry, you can also get some competitor insight. Of course, it is not your role to duplicate what they’re doing but to understand the types of content that seem to drive engagement. We’ll call it market research for the social space.



So, does your brand really need to be on every social network? In short, being on every social platform isn’t necessary and you certainly don’t need all of them to make an impact or develop a presence. Instead, though, you should create social channels that you have time for, as well as plenty of ideas and content to share. When users come across your site and see links to your social channels, they’ll want to have a scroll, so ensure that you are directing potential clients to current, active social pages! Finally, consider the best platforms for your industry. For instance, got an older audience? Maybe think about a strategy for your Facebook page. In one of the creative industries with a varied demographic? Have a browse over on Tik Tok or Instagram. If you’re promoting online services, then you need to be present online. Did you know that the team at HSD also offers social strategies? Contact us to find out more about creating social channels that inspire sales.

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