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Website design and development


Design for print and marketing materials

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Branding, Print and marketing materials


Branding logo design and print


Branding might be considered your logo, your identity and your promise to your customers.

Your brand should reflect your business the way you want to be perceived. On average people take around 6 seconds to make a judgement - whether this is your logo, business card, website or any other marketing material.

Your brand is also something that customers associate with your business. Getting it right from the beginning helps create that right first impression. Sometimes the simpler the logo, the easier it is to be remembered. Having a logo design that is easily identifiable helps you stand out from the competition. It also enables your customers to recognise you instantly.

We also encourage our cutomers to have a strapline - a few words which identify your brand amongst your competitors e.g. John Lewis - Never knowingly undersold; Nike: Just do it; McDonalds - I'm lovin' it.

We can help you create the right first impression for your business by ensuring your brand is accurately represented.