Westminster Associates

Branding Design

Westminister Associates

The brief

Westminster Associates aim to boost personal, as well as team effectiveness. At the heart of Westminster Associates lies the desire to inspire individuals to achieve greater self-awareness, as well as being able to understand how others prefer to work and communicate. One of the things that was emphasised by Westminster Associates was the need for colour to be incorporated within both the business card design and logo design. Their colourful and diverse approach when it comes to individual development and team-building needed to be included within the branding design, so with this in mind, we did our utmost to capture Westminster Associates’ approach to their work.

The result

We wanted to mirror the colour-based approach that Westminster Associates apply when it comes to their work, so decided to create a structure that displayed the initials of the company name, WA. Through using an array of colours from the rainbow, as well as sharp angles, we have worked on creating an attractive business card, with a design that will be appealing from the outset. We wanted to celebrate the diverse personality of the team and convey how they take an alternative approach to team-building and boosting self-awareness. The typography used on the back of the business card is legible and a clear white, meaning that there is no room left for confusion or having to decipher what the card reads. The background adds clarity to Westminster Associates’ offerings, and the font is simple, suggesting how WA provide a clear solution to different ways of working and communicating in a cohesive manner.