Busy Bees Preschool

Branding Design


The brief

Founded in 1998, Busy Bees Pre-School is a not-for-profit charity, dedicated to providing excellent care for children aged two and upwards. Busy Bees Pre-School play an important role in the education process, since children receive the essential, individual support they need before transferring to mainstream school. Our brief, then, was simple – to convey the welcoming and nurturing atmosphere of Busy Bees, but to show their professionalism too, despite being a not-for-profit charity. The business card design needed to depict what Busy Bees offer, yet also grab the attention of parents and have the relevant contact details on display. The logo design also needed to be easily identifiable and inviting to parents of young children.

The result

With the predominant aim of the brief being to create a logo design that suggested a welcoming and nurturing atmosphere, it was clear that we needed to produce something that would show the benefits of attending Busy Bees Pre-School. Therefore, we decided to convey this through the business card design – where the bee is happy and pictured in its natural environment, much like how the children would be in Busy Bees Pre-School. The bright colour palette used for the business card design reflects the idea that Busy Bees plays a significant role in children’s preparation and essential learning for mainstream school. As well as this, the individual bee highlights how not all children are the same – they will all go on different journeys and Busy Bees recognise that. The reverse of the business card displays the key details against the plain white background of the clouds. Furthermore, the black and mustard yellow colour combination also imitate the colours of the bee but allow for the text to be clearly displayed on the business card. Overall, we believe that this business card design portrays the caring and compassionate nature of the staff at Busy Bees Pre-School and makes them stand out as a place that puts individual development first.


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