Claire Ashton

Web Design and Development


The brief

Claire Ashton is a qualified body image coach and intuitive eating counsellor who needed a new website that was tailored to reflect the emotive topic of health and well being. The design needed to encompass the more personal side of what she offers to her clients, with information about prices and articles.

The result

Using the colours and style of the logo as basis for the design, we used a palette of muted lavender and plum colours to soften the fresh white background. Simple, beautiful natural images with a soft tinted colour overlay create a backdrop to the text messages and define areas within the website.

Information about Claire’s background and ethos enable potential clients to build up a picture of the services that she offers, and a simple contact page allows people to contact her for an initial discussion about which of Clair’s services would be right for them.

We have added a blog page for informative articles, testimonials and a simple prices guide for easy navigation of the site.

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