Logo Design

Logos are pivotal to brand success. Get it right and you have it all. Get it wrong and you have an expensive problem. Holly Small Design logos are particularly strong at combining meaning, theme and purpose into recognisable visuals. Print them, email them, wear them, watch them – we create in whatever form you want.

Our designs are a focal point for client facts; who you are, what you do.

We help start-ups develop a foothold in the market place and existing businesses (including big divisions and ad hoc projects) to stand out with a strong identity. Redesigning existing logos is something not many consider – sometimes all that’s needed is enhancing corporate image in a new exciting way.

In a nutshell... we know our onions, can talk your language, see with fresh eyes and want to help.

Before we take you through the myriad of repro, print, laminate, typeset and fonts on offer we ask detailed questions such as:

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    Business model and mission

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    Key messages

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    Target audience

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    Tea or coffee

So many companies offer what we do - and lots suggest brilliant or budget driven design ideas. We are different because we listen in order to let you steer the way.

Our solutions speak volumes on business cards, printed resources and web sites – whatever your budget dictates

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