Dengroom Group

Branding Design


The brief

Dengroom Group provide a number of services, including high-end smart home technology to commercial electronic gates and security. Our brief for Dengroom Group required us to develop a branding design that communicated the experience and professionalism of the company. In addition to this, the logo design needed to suitable for display on various surfaces, such as corporate clothing, stationery, the website, and van livery. To create the business card design, we needed to test out the copy on a variety of backgrounds to ensure that the final product looked neat and was easily legible.

The result

When it came to theorising and creating Dengroom Group’s branding design, we decided upon using a striking combination of green and black in order to communicate the ingenuity and expertise of the company. The ‘d’ and ‘g’ have been merged and arranged in a way that imitates the infinity sign, which connotes longevity, reliability, and falls in line with aspects of modern technology. The logo design we curated is also easily transferable and appealing on white, dark grey, and black backgrounds – covering all of the surfaces the branding is used on. The business card design that we produced for Dengroom Group not only looks fresh and inviting, but also uses clear and legible fonts, showing precisely the kinds of services that they offer. When potential clients pick up this business card, there will be no need to scan Google aimlessly for the details, since their offerings are displayed on a useful background and do not require an in-depth examining of their website.