Eco Heating Store

Branding Design


The brief

Having established in 2018, Eco Heating Store have seen a rapid surge in their growth and have multiple branches that form their company. They are committed to putting renewable energy solutions at the forefront of their projects and services, which include the installation of underfloor heating, plumbing, and other domestic heating systems. With their core values being ‘efficiency’, ‘honesty’ and ‘safety’, conveniently with the same abbreviation as their company, EHS, we needed to convey these elements through the logo and brand designs. The brief then, came down to producing a business card design that fused together their offerings as a renewable energy provider and their commitment to having an honest, compassionate working environment. Despite operating as a nationwide service within the UK, Eco Heating Store also offer a number of services to their local region, Essex.

The result

When designing the business card for EHS, we decided to place our focus upon the buzzword, ‘Eco’. After experimenting with a range of ideas, we came to the conclusion that green should be used as the predominant colour for their brand design, and should be heavily featured on their business card. With some of the immediate connotations of green being the environment and sustainability, we wanted to integrate those concepts within the business card design. The light green of the gas symbol is complemented by the white background and the dark green block of colour, ensuring that it stands out as clearly as possible and entices potential clients. The simplicity of the gas symbol instantly highlights Eco Heating Store’s offerings whilst still appearing modern and eco-friendly. Furthermore, the circular element of the fonts used presents EHS as a welcoming and friendly company – making them appear approachable and efficient. As for the logo design, the lowercase lettering indicates that EHS’s services are delivered easily and hassle-free. We also decided to include Eco Heating Store’s abbreviation, EHS, in a gas symbol to highlight how they are a renewable energy supplier, as well as their easy-going and honest nature as a company. We believe that EHS’s business card design is one to remember and clearly showcases their prominent offerings.