Email marketing – still the tool of choice for many

Despite so many digital and social media marketing choices now available (yes, it can be a bit of a minefield can\'t it!), it seems the public still prefer receiving promotional material delivered straight to their inbox as the marketing channel of choice for brands looking to communicate and engage with them - that\'s despite all the negative publicity around the use of email received during the new GDPR introduction in May this year.

As quoted in The Drum online - a recent survey of 2,016 people from the marketing trade association, saw 73% saying that email is their preferred marketing communication, beating off social media, text messaging, online (i.e. website banners), face-to-face and messenger apps like Facebook Messenger. On how brands should talk to the public, 38% said they prefer clear and concise comms. When gathering a response to a brand communication, 48% said they will Google the website, 41% will memorise the information and 37% will immediately click on a link in the message.

So, why choose email for your business marketing?

One of the key reasons email is an effective marketing tool is that it is an easy way to target mobile phone users. Put simply, you can reach a big market of potential new customers without investing in expensive software, data or technology. In July this year, research by Forrester found that 42% of retailers\' email messages were opened by consumers on their smartphones and 17% were opened on tablets. This means, three out of five email marketing messages doubles as a mobile marketing message.

Another great bonus of using email marketing is that it integrates easily with other marketing tactics and can range from simple to complex content depending on the campaign. You can also make your email more personable by sending it to the name of the user, which studies have shown, recipients really do like.

The \'share-ability factor\' - by sending a marketing email you are making it very easy for new and existing customers to forward it on and share your content with others through viral marketing, thus helping to spread the word about your business, product or service, to an even wider audience.

It doesn\'t get on people\'s nerves like cold calling does! People can choose to open and read your email at a convenient time to suit them. It\'s up to your creative writing, flair and skill to ensure the email gets opened in the first place, and not just deleted with its tail between its legs to the trash bin!

You can measure the results. Simply by looking at some analytics, you\'ll be able to find out how successful your email marketing campaign is and present the results.

So, in conclusion, we\'re not saying ditch all other forms of marketing and communication tools, as every one of them has their place. But, what we are saying is, disregard email marketing at your peril!

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