Exhibition Graphics for Pharmaceutical Companies

Taking part in exhibitions is a great way to grow your Pharmaceutical Company by putting yourself out there and attracting new business as well as appealing to your existing valued customers. But you obviously need to make sure your graphics are right so you stand out from the sea of other exhibitors and make sure people take an interest in your stand rather than just passing by. The Pharmaceutical Industry is of course highly competitive so businesses need to make investments in marketing their brand via advertising.

Having a professionally designed exhibition stand for your Pharmaceutical Company is vital to accurately represent your brand and your company, what you do and your core values. You want to create an impact, attract more visitors and start more conversations. At Holly Small Design we not only design your exhibition graphics but also completely produce various types of banners, from simple pull up banners which are cost effective and light weight, to pop up ones and also branded promotional products. The banners can be used over and over again to take to exhibitions, they look fantastic and are created specifically to suit your objectives, which will help you win customers and whatever your budget, will give you a return on your investment.

On average, visitors at an exhibition will spend 3 or 4 seconds on a stand which gives you a small window of opportunity to grab their attention and get them to linger longer at your stand. This is where the design and graphics of your stand come into play. You want the message of your brand to be clearly understood, which makes potential customers more likely to be interested in your products. A design which is unique to your Pharmaceutical Company and which coherently displays the message of your brand is the answer.

What elements go into making an effective exhibition stand? Aside from clearly showing who you are as a brand, you need to maximise the space which you have been allotted. This can be quite small and you need to know exactly how much space you have to work with from the organisers beforehand. Keep your display area free from physical obstructions and have an area at the back for chatting with people. Space is not limited vertically, and as exhibition arenas have very high ceilings, your display can go as high as you want. This will obviously increase your visibility. You don't want too much text clogging up your display, so working with us on branding and having a short succint slogan will go a long way here. Whatever text you do have needs to be a in a clear, legible and large font which is therefore visible from a distance. Also, "a picture is worth a thousand words" certainly applies here.

If you would like our team at Holly Small Design to create your perfect exhibition banners, you can give us a call Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm on 01923 260519, or email Holly - [email protected]

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