First impressions really do count when it comes to your website!

We\'ve all been there. When it comes to starting out on your own, budget is usually very tight and you feel as if you are paying out for those \'must-haves\' constantly, but when it comes to your business website, why would you want to settle for second best?

At Holly Small Design, we can rebuild your existing website for as little as £149! So, if you are not happy with your host; whether that be Wix or Yell-type do-it-yourself site, we can help to get it both looking how you want it to and functioning how you want it to.

Why choose a web designer over DIY?

Your website is a valuable branding tool that tells people what your business is all about and what it can do for them. A DIY-site may have been a good place to start, but for any business owner to succeed you need to have a professional looking website. Decisions like this must be made so your business can expand, grow and in turn reach more potential customers.

What\'s included in the Holly Small Design web package?

SAFE HANDS - Well, firstly, you\'ll be in safe hands! Our team includes some of the best web designers and developers around, with vast experience, flair, creativity and skill. We\'ll ensure we work in partnership with you to bring your website aspirations to life!

LATEST TECH - We work with the latest tech, gizmos and gadgets, to ensure your site has the functionality it needs to entice and retain visitors. There\'s really nothing worse than a slow upload or having to click through several different links before you get to the one you actually want!

WORDPRESS - We are big lovers of WordPress - the simplest and most popular way to create your own website and the beauty of it is, you can manage or modify your own website content through it once you feel confident enough. Don\'t worry, we\'ll show you how!

KNOW-HOW - We don\'t like the term \'cheap web design company\' because we have incredible B2B industry knowledge that sets up apart from our competitors.

PRICE - It\'s only £149!! We know!! Enough said.

So, if you\'re looking to give your lack-lustre website a bit of an upgrade, you\'ve come to the right place! We will deliver a high-quality project bang on time and on budget!

Get in touch with Holly Small Design today to find out more. [email protected]

C.S Barron - Old Website Design
C.S Barron - New Website Design