Hermitage Carpet & Flooring Specialist

Branding Design


The brief

Hermitage Carpets are a local company that have been providing high-quality carpets and flooring to domestic spaces, as well as catering for commercial clients who need the appropriate surface for their business. For their logo design, Hermitage Carpets wanted something that would convey both how established they are as a business, but also that they were modern and true competitors within their field. In terms of their business card design, Hermitage wanted something that was not only minimal, but also contained sufficient colour.

The result

In order to emulate the rolls of carpet that Hermitage supply, we decided to develop a circular branding design that displays a varied colour palette. As Hermitage are a well-established company, we wanted to portray this through the use of different fonts, while also giving them a modern twist. The typography used for ‘Hermitage’ also reflects the flexibility and durability of the materials that Hermitage use for their clients.  As for the overall logo design, it was pivotal that we amplified the brightness of the colours used in order to make it prominent and instantly recognisable amongst clients. We believe that these elements are what make Hermitage’s business card design both appealing and marketable.