Holly Small Design says Hello to Hemel Hempstead

Holly Small Design says Hello to Hemel Hempstead

WE\'VE MOVED!! And yes, while the madness of packing and unpacking many brown boxes has been hectic, we are finally ready to start a new life in the wonderful location of Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire, or as it is lovingly referred to by locals \'Hemel\'.

What\'s not to love about Hemel Hempstead?

Firstly, it\'s a fantastic place to work, live and enjoy, and is the gateway to so many places including London, boasting a central position on the UK\'s motorways thanks to the M1. This means in terms of business opportunities and development, it\'s PERFECT and primed for growth. Thanks to its proximity to London, fast connectivity and the talent and skills available on the doorstep, Hemel is a place you can really get down to business. With a proven centre of industry and enterprise for business and a wonderful contrast of a growing urban centre nestling in outstanding countryside, it\'s definitely the place to be!

Hemel Hempstead for Business - what makes it so special?

Hemel Hempstead has a thriving business community offering huge opportunities for companies of all shapes and sizes; from sole traders to bigger international organisations, with plenty of networking events to go around! That\'s why Holly Small Design decided on the move as we see it as a wonderful base to expand our services and grow the business. Investment into the area is at an all-time high, showing the ongoing reputation of Hemel Hempstead and the confidence investors have to want to be spending good money here.

Our Future Goals

As well as providing digital services, web development and SEO, bespoke logo, branding and graphic design, our vision is to maximise LOCAL business opportunities by forging brand new relationships with Hemel Hempstead-based businesses and establishing fruitful working partnerships for the future. Holly Small Design is here to stay, so come and give us a HEMEL Hi-Five!

Find us at:

Harthall Lane
Hemel Hempstead