How to Keep Your Website Secure

How to Keep Your Website Secure

Website security is essential to the running of your website, no matter how aesthetically pleasing your graphics and animated content is, without the necessary security, you run the risk of not just hackers but slow loading times and responsiveness. At HSD, we carry out monthly checks, which include ensuring that all software and plugins are up to date and working as effectively as possible. With our hosting service package, you’ll know who is hosting your sparkly new website, rather than using unreliable services found manually.

What’s included in our Monthly Hosting Fee?

When you select our monthly hosting package, your website will be backed up daily and stored safely, so that you won’t have to worry about maintaining it. As well as security and software updates, we also make sure that all license fees needed for particular softwares are covered, in addition to the stock files that we use to build your website.

If you’re looking for other top tips when it comes to website security, here are just a few that we have devised:

Limit on Login Attempts

You can restrict access if potential hackers use multiple IP addresses try to log into your site, causing them to divert or stop visiting

Manage the Number of Admins

Make sure that your admins have secure usernames that will prevent hackers from getting into your site

Malware Scans

Improving the regularity of malware scans will assist in ensuring that you don’t lose any of your files or information stored on your site

Installation of Web Application Firewall

If there is harmful traffic heading towards your website, a Web Application Firewall (WAF) will be able to detect if any data transmission is secure or potentially dangerous

Effective Password

This may seem obvious, but it is worth remembering to create strong passwords that you or your team will remember!

You’ve got the steps, now all you need to do is gather those testimonials and sell your digital brand story. Don’t forget to drop us a line if you want to plan your next marketing strategy.

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