How to Spot Whether your Content Needs an Upgrade

How often do you check your web content’s performance? With multiple projects on the go, it can be easy to forget about how well your own site is working – whether it’s helping or hindering footfall. To get the most out of your content, it is vital that you run tests and utilise analytical tools to see how it is performing. Of course, some months tend to be busier than others, yet it is important to recognise and understand how you can boost your website’s potential.

Content has an expiration date – how up to date are your pages?

Like all software, content requires regular updates. It is essential that you read through and scan your pages, as you may find that some content is no longer relevant and needs to be changed – such as Christmas offers on your products or services. You may also find that your opening hours differ to a few months ago, especially since the uplifting of COVID-19 restrictions. Furthermore, your company may have expanded over time, meaning that your ‘Meet the Team’ page might need a refresh. By using a critical eye when it comes to your website, you will find new ways to rejuvenate your content and increase your engagement.

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High bounce rate

The evolution of the bounce rate has now resulted in an even more accurate way of understanding user activity: engagement rate. By using programs such as Google Analytics, you can see a more in-depth summary of user activity. For instance, you can now see whether you users have browsed or scrolled through your site, or whether they have disappeared after a single click. Ensure that your content is appealing to your target audience and prompting them to explore the rest of your site. Having an effective and aesthetically pleasing landing page is imperative to increasing user engagement!

Irrelevant leads – what are your offerings?

In order to receive relevant enquiries, you must make sure that your content has a clear direction. This comes from developing a consistent tone of voice and giving clarity to all that you are offering. To develop a range of potential new customers, your website must be able to communicate precisely what you are offering, including all the essential information when it comes to your products and services. If you are receiving a barrage of misleading enquiries, take them as a sign that your content requires some reworking.

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By using these tips when looking through your website, you will be able to troubleshoot and produce solutions that will see you getting an influx of visitors to your website. Save this post for later!

You’ve got the steps, now all you need to do is gather those testimonials and sell your digital brand story. Don’t forget to drop us a line if you want to plan your next marketing strategy.

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