Improving Business with Social Media

Improving business is not just about getting more business, but it can help you improve the way your business runs.

Social media is more popular now than ever with businesses turning to it to increase sales and get their messages out there faster. But with social media comes the ability to slate and bad-mouth businesses and brands. So this article looks at how you can use this to your advantage!

With every negative we can find a positive and I strongly believe that social media gives us the ability to find out what people are saying about us and give us the chance to put it right or just answer back! Customer experience is becoming more and more important to the ongoing success of a business and social media helps us to find out and research what other customers think before we buy.

So if you are a business owner use this to your advantage. There is only one thing worse than a customer complaining and that is not rectifying the situation. But if someone complains and you put the situation right then they will remember that your customer service was brilliant. I always say that being human we all make mistakes but it's how we deal with them that can make or break us.

Remember that your brand is more than just a logo and a website design, it is also your customer's experience before, during and after they buy from you!

If you want to find out what your customers are saying about you, do a search on Twitter using the hash tag followed by your company name (without any spaces) and see what has been said about you!