Promoting your Website

Increase business

Get more business by using our printed newsletters or email newsletter service to keep your current and past clients abreast with what you are doing.

Testimonials, case studies, product reviews, industry relevant articles could stir the interest of current clients into realising you have a myriad of talents or showcase projects to potential clients.

Holly Small Design's team will help you fashion in house news into a professional format for distribution electronically of physically. Just ask for information – we are here to help.

Email newsletters

We are exceptionally proficient at electronic email newsletter design and if costs are king, we can simply provide you with a template to update and manage yourself. Email newsletters are normally Portable Document Format (PDF) or better still; Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML) that appear directly in email content.

Web banners

Professionally placed web banners can be a great way of increasing traffic to your website. We can manage as little or as much of this as you wish - from locating suitable sites for banner placement, designing and animating web banners and sending them off to the publishers in the correct size, format and dimensions.

By animating web banners you get a third dimension to your adverts - giving you more space to get your message across. Web banners include links to your website which increase web traffic and also help get your message seen.