Is Direct Mail making a comeback?

Research suggest that some of our well-loved High Street and non-profit brands, are going back to the old-fashioned way of doing things.

Remember the days of carpet bombing and unwanted junk mail falling out of your letterbox and blocking the doorway on an often daily basis? As a result, savvy brands turned to digital marketing instead through online advertising and email targeted campaigns. But wait … is that a direct mail promotional pack I find on my doormat?

According to researchers, receiving a letter or pack in the post is far more personable than getting something via a computer, laptop or iPhone, and often a more targeted way of communicating with an audience. You feel kind of special getting your very own letter with your name on it, and people will take the time to at least open an envelope addressed to them as opposed to simply clicking \'delete\' on an unwanted email (all too easy).


  1. We are sensory beings, so like to \'feel and touch\' things. This makes us feel more special and valued, particularly when it comes to charity marketing campaigns.
  2. It seems, we are bucking the new-age of everything digital and are yearning to go back to the warm, fuzzy feeling, we had in the \'good old days\'. Just take a look at book stores and stalls making a resurgence (forget Kindle people - at least for now) and people searching for vinyl records instead of CDs and downloads.
  3. It may be easy to say, but a well-produced and cleverly targeted marketing campaign can really ensure a company brand sticks in the mind compared with a faceless email marketing invitation.
  4. It\'s true. Direct Mail is a firm favourite for older supporters, who prefer letter writing, communication by phone and face-to-face conversation. Understanding your audience is paramount if you are planning to market a product, event or idea, so be sure to choose the right tools, gimmicks and PR tactics.

And so it seems, well-known brands are stepping up their marketing approaches by going full circle, and offering both a digital experience backed up with direct mail marketing and are seeing some fantastic results! Whether you like it or not, direct mail is certainly coming back with a very big bang. Let\'s see how long the love affair lasts…

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