Is graphic design worth the money?

Graphic designers are something that a lot of people need, but many feel they can't afford. It is also a misconception that you can get a good logo or website designed for a tenner by using a random 'design' website or printing company.

True, a logo may cost you £10, but has it been designed with you and your company in mind? Has the designer asked you about what you want the logo to signify, promote and look like, and is the logo bespoke to you and you along? The answer - if you got your logo for £10 - is probably a resounding 'no'.

The design you put out there for the world to say should be taken with the same seriousness and importance as any other aspect of


your business - after all, it is giving an impression of you and your company to current and prospective clients. If your logo looks like a cheap rip off of another brand, how does that make you look? If it is not consistent with the colours you use in your marketing, or the uniform of your staff, where is the continuity in that? These are all factors that should be considered when you get the initial quote from a graphic designer.

Designing something does not take an hour. Sometimes it does not take a day. It is a process, made up of a combination of things; information that the designer has got from the client, and experience and suggestions that the designer gives to the client, based on the client needs and the knowledge of the designer. Designers are there to help you and to advise you on areas that you may know nothing about, such as do you have the rights to use a particular phrase on your logo, or are the images on your website legal?

When you pay a graphic designer you are not paying simply for a pretty picture, or a nice colour that matches your office carpet - you are paying for skill, expertise, and most importantly, to promote your company in the most professional way possible. So based on the above, is graphic design worth the money? You bet it is.

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