Milton Keynes Couriers

Branding Design

Milton Keynes Couriers

The brief

Our brief from Milton Keynes Couriers, a nationwide delivery service for the UK, was left completely open. All that was required from us was to produce a branding design that was professional and easily recognisable. Milton Keynes Couriers needed a logo design that could portray not only professionalism, but also proficiency in their field. Their success as a reliable delivery service has come about through sheer hard work, honesty, and a customer-led approach towards their business, so all that was left for us to do was to create a brand design that fitted their ethos.

The result

In terms of curating a brand design that was instantly recognisable, we used bright, appealing colours as a way of making them stand out from their competitors. The bright colours used also connote a welcoming atmosphere within the company and a willingness to assist clients. As we were given an open brief to experiment with, the logo design features a red kite, which represents the Chiltern Hills and the surrounding area. This felt like a worthy addition to the logo design, since Milton Keynes Couriers operate from within the area surrounding the Chiltern Hills. The fading lines convey the proficiency and the great speed of their delivery service, reminding customers that they can deliver fast and are a reliable company. In addition to this, the spacing out of ‘Couriers’ on the brand design suggests that they make journeys as part of their service, which indicates to customers from the outset what they would be signing up to. We believe that this design speaks for itself and the nature of the company, without the need for an added tagline or additional text with their offerings.