PDSM Electrical Services

Branding Design


The brief

When it came to developing the logo design and the branding for PDSM, our task was left relatively open, meaning that aside of the existing branding which included the colour green, it was up to us to experiment with different ideas for the business card. PDSM Electrical Services are a company based in East Barnet who provide electric installation checks, landlord certificates, intercom installation, rewiring, and other services for both domestic and commercial clients. Even though our brief from PDSM was left open to a greater extent, they wanted to convey their professionalism and trustworthy status as an electrical services company through a modern and striking brand design.

The result

For the logo design, we decided to produce something that included the symbol for electricity, as well as keeping within the existing brand colours. This allowed us to maintain continuity and not create an additional workload for the PDSM team. The typography used is modern and the bold, black font connotes professionalism and proficiency in their field. We also made the decision to have the ‘M’ fade from black into their trademark green, as well as including a prominent lightning bolt. By having the lightning bolt as part of the logo design, PDSM’s offerings are clearly and stylishly established. We also believe that the ring flowing through the logo demonstrates PDSM’s reliability as a company and that they are a trusted service provider. The fonts used throughout the brand design are not only modern, but they are simple and easily legible, meaning that customers know from the outset that they are engaging with a welcoming and reputable company.