Protect your brand, don’t lose it!

Your brand is your business, your company, your income - so you'd like to think it was protected, right? This doesn't just mean having the right insurance, or HR policies in force, this means protecting your logo, your company name, and your images to name but a few.

Intellectual Property (IP) includes all patents, designs, trademarks and copyright, and protecting your IP is something that every serious business owner needs to do. Whatever your brand, whatever your audience, your names, words, images and symbols are associated with your company, so if anything should happen to that - do you know how your business would cope?

How valuable is your Brand? Protect it, don't lose it!!

As the old saying goes - preventions is better than cure - so getting the right legal protection in place is what can help save your business from identity thieves. For a minimal cost to your company, a professional can ensure that you have the right legal protection when it comes to your intellectual property.


But I own my domain name, isn't that enough? In a word, NO! Simply being registered at Companies house or having a logo all over your marketing material doesn't mean you are safe when it comes to all things 'legal'. Protect your trademarks and IP by law and you can relax.

Imagine you have started a company and all is going swimmingly. A year or so down the line you receive a letter instructing you to 'cease and desist' - what effect will this have on your business? On your livelihood?
See if from another viewpoint... You see a new start up business in your area. Their logo, colours, and tagline look a lot like yours. You're understandably angry because this could affect your business. So what are you going to do about it? Well, if your IP isn't correctly protected, then not a lot. The majority of the time it's not about who used what first, but who registered what first.

Holly Small Design is pleased to announce they are working in conjunction with an Intellectual Property specialist who has 25 years' experience in private practice and in-house legal departments. If you would like any help in protecting your rights, enforcing your rights or, worse of all, defending your business against a competitor with rights please do not hesitate to contact us for expert advice.