Web Design and Development


The brief

Quantoom Biosciences were needing a complete redesign for their website that fully represented the innovation they are offering to the scientific industry in research, screening and product development. As a key player in therapeutic development and biomanufacturing industry, their aim was to attract partner opportunities and customers specialising in both human and animal health.

The result

We worked with Quantoom to develop a design style that would attract both the scientific community and the layman in need of a partnership company, offering strategic collaborations and access to international academic institutions. The use of videos creates visual interest and hints at the product and services offered by Quantoom.

Using panels of deep terracotta orange, bright orange and dark blue allows the information sections to be easily defined and creates a warm colour palette that remains approachable in feel, whilst still conveying the scientific nature of the company. This professional looking website reflects their expertise, experience and commitment. The use of the rounded rectangular shape for images and as a graphic icon create visual interest and a sense of movement to the website design.