Skyline Partners

Web Design and Development


The brief

As a well-established London-based company, Skyline pride themselves on providing innovative solutions for the insurance industry, harnessing technology and data to tackle complex risk challenges. Their ability to tailor insurance products based on unique data streams distinguishes them in the market, and the support they provide throughout the process makes them a compelling choice for companies seeking to address coverage gaps or innovate with new insurance products. They approached us to create a website that showcased their comprehensive service.

The result

When approaching the re-design of Skylines website, it was important to convey the unique aspects of their bespoke insurance cover which goes far beyond conventional products. The colour palette was inspired by the logo and used to produce a stand-out website, using multiple illustrations throughout created in-house by our design team. Animated sections portray many natural and man-made catastrophes, and represent the diverse insurance coverage offered. Information buttons allow easy access to more detailed articles and product coverage details.

The overall blue background allows the illustrations to stand out, with their block colour style adding interest without being fussy in design. It was important to convey a feeling of calm that reflected the highly professional way that Skyline works with clients on potentially complex requirements.

It was great for us to work with a company that was open to ideas and happy to allow our creative input, resulting in a unique, standout website design.

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