Spring forward with your brand!

Every spring, our social media feeds are full of inspirational quotes about renewal and new beginnings, and now that we\'re escaping from the dark winter months, we're finally able to see the light and promise that summer is just around the corner. It's a time when new flowers start to bloom and we all start the great spring clean.

Brands around the world are just the same: they look at spring as a way to test and ask questions about their identity and whether their brand is still reaching the right target audiences or needs a bit of a revamp.

What's in a logo?

A logo is a huge part of your business in terms of communicating with your customers and potential customers. It serves as a visual interpretation of your company or organisation. It\'s the face of your brand. Without us naming any here, just think about the biggest brands in the world and you can picture their logo in your head. Whether it's on a bottle of something you\'ve just bought or on your favourite t-shirt. These big-name brands know how important their logo is in standing out from the competition and identifying them around the world. Having a strong logo means people will want to buy products or services with THAT logo on almost as if it were a status symbol. Okay, we\'re not saying you\'ve got a marketing budget to match Coca-Cola or Nike, but invest in your branding and you will empower your business to thrive.

Does your logo reflect your business today?

Starting or growing a business is an arduous experience that involves many considerations and a careful use of precious resources. But when making decisions about how to invest your time, energy and capital, you should remember that in today\'s marketplace, you cannot afford to short-change your branding. It\'s likely the single most important decision you\'ll make.

Maybe it's time for a review. What better time to have a freshen up than springtime? We all know that everyone looks to clear out the house, cupboard and wardrobe in time for the summer months, and it should be the same for your business too.

When you embarked on your new business venture, money may have been an issue - start up fees are often higher than expected, maybe you used a free online logo service. Many start-ups do. But now, you\'re a few years down the line and have a successful business that\'s going strong.  It may well be time to revisit your logo and brand positioning to ensure it really does reflect what your business is about.

Start your business rebrand today

At Holly Small Design, we\'re saying goodbye to winter, and hello to spring! Surely there's no better time to look at revamping your brand identity than now. Get in touch with us today and we\'ll help you to put the SPRING back into your business!


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