Squire Estates

Branding Design


The brief

Squire Estates are an established firm based in Hemel Hempstead, so their branding design needed to be modern and professional, as well as portraying their expertise within the field. Being an estate agent firm, the logo design needed to be sleek and clean, conveying how they are dedicated to their practice and adhere to a strict code of conduct. With this in mind, the business card design required us to develop and curate something that looked serious – a true competitor within the market.

The result

A combination of melon and midnight blue for the business card design felt like an easy choice and a dynamic background to work with. We believe that it conveys the professional standards and strict code of conduct that Squire Estates uphold. The typography used for the logo design is circular and easy to read, meaning that when clients pick up this business card, they know that they are dealing with a welcoming and reliable firm. As the font is accessible and coloured white for added clarity, we can see that Squire Estates are a firm that are committed to the best methods of practice and delivering stellar service when it comes to engaging with clients. The overall branding design is one that is effective because of simplicity and minimalism. The bold colours of melon and midnight blue, contrasted with the white text, demonstrate that Squire Estates have a high level of expertise available within the team and are professionals within their field. We think that their business card design sets them apart from their competitors and gives them that extra edge when clients are deliberating over who to use as their estate agents.