What does your font say about you?

From Times New Roman, Helvetica and the lesser-loved Comic Sans, there is a melting pot of font and typeface choices out there, and for businesses, ensuring the right one is dished up to potential new customers is fundamentally crucial for future growth and success.

It’s all about first impressions

Whether it’s a logo on a website or signage on an office front door, typography says a lot about a brand’s personality and is more often than not, the first time a customer will be introduced to a company. It’s therefore vital for businesses to choose a typeface carefully, and to make sure the right image, look and feel is portrayed from the very start. Ideally, any business aims to create a strong connection with people, and typeface scan create a powerful first impression; hooking you in from day one.If typography is done well, it really can be a case of BOOM –and sadly BUST if not!


So what does this mean for brands?

Well, you may start by asking yourself, what do I want my branding to say about my business?How do I want customers to feel afterwards? Have a go at playing around with fonts and typefaces. Do you go with Times, considered to be a sensible, more formal, slightly straight-laced affair, or Helvetica, considered to be a cleaner, more readable font or something altogether a little more fun and quirky like Futura? Through everyday exposure we are seemingly seduced by subliminal messages laden in branding and communication, so you can see why good typography really does have a big IMPACT!

How to get it right

  1. Choose a bigger than you think font size – A recent study has shown that larger font sizes can elicit a stronger emotional connection. 16pt (or bigger!) is the new 12pt.
  2. Keep an eye on your line length –This is simply how far your sentences stretch across the page and ideally should be about 50-75 characters.
  3. Mind the gap – adequate spacing between letters and words helps readers move across a sentence far more easily. If your words are all bunched up, it’s much harder for people to take in what you are trying to communicate to them – not what you want!

The proof is in the pudding

If you spend the time whisking up great content, you really do owe it to yourself to present your final bake to your audience in the very best way possible – wouldn’t you agree?

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