Claudia Clare

Web Design and Development

Claudia Clare Portfolio

The brief

Claudia Clare is an inspiring ceramic artist with a strong interest in social collaborations and feminist issues, which is reflected in her ceramic designs. Claudia came to us wanting a website that would showcase her designs and include a shop area for clients to purchase ceramics and literature, plus book tutorials and talks by Claudia.

The result

By keeping the overall background white, the fantastic images of Claudia’s ceramics become the standout feature. We created a section that showcases projects past and present, alongside images existing clients have supplied of their ceramic purchases. It gives Claudia the perfect space to display and explain the inspiration behind the ceramics, alongside a fascinating walk through of the production process.

Pages detailing news and Claudia’s biography give background and in-site into her thought provoking designs. We have set up an easy-to-use shop section that gives information about each unique ceramic piece, backed up by beautiful images of the ceramics for sale. The website style makes it easy to update articles and add new ceramics to the shop. We and Claudia were very pleased with the fresh, clean feel that the website has and hope you take time to look at her incredible designs.