Website in a week!

Does a website in a week* sound too good to be true? Well, at Holly Small Design, we\'re offering you just that with our scorching hot summer offer!

How it works

This special promotion for any business looking to update or re-develop their existing website or simply start from scratch, is based on our \'Essential Website Package\', which includes everything below:

- Bespoke design based on electronic and telephone communication and brief
- Mobile friendly and responsive
- WordPress website
- Up to 5 pages (additional pages are £25+VAT per page)
- Daily Backups
- 1 X Domain management
- 1 x Email account
- Social media links
- Email support
- WordPress tutorials

Why it\'s important to keep your website in tip top shape

Your website is the first port of call for many potential clients or customers, so it needs to stay ahead of the competition! Whether it\'s a product or service, your business is your baby, and you will want your customers to view it in the same way too! An out-of-date, unappealing, even bordering on unfriendly site, in terms of user ability, can really put people off in just a few seconds - first impressions count as they say! Ensuring your business website stays fresh, clean and with great content, will mean you will keep going forward on the road to success.

It doesn\'t have to break the bank!

It always amazes the Holly Small Design team that business owners think they mustbe looking at paying out thousands of pounds for a new website. This is simply not true - certainly with Holly Small Design anyway. We know our design onions and will work with you to get the business website you\'ve always dreamed of and at a competitive price.

We take Cyber Security seriously

With the ever-growing threat of hackers and breaches of data, plus the new GDPR legislation now in force (see the link below for our 10-step guide in understanding these regulations: any good business owner takes the matter of Cyber Security very seriously - as do the Holly Small Design team. We will make your site\'s security a top priority - rest assured, you are in safe hands with Holly Small Design.

So, if it\'stime to bite the bullet and improve your business website, you\'ve certainly come to the right place!

Get in touch with the HSD team today on 01923 260519 or email [email protected]

*subject to all content being supplied prior to commencing with the work.