We're fundraising for Bowel Cancer UK

Holly Small Design is proud to be participating in Active April this year, supporting Bowel Cancer UK. 💕

Throughout April, each member of our team will engage in daily physical activity, sharing our journey on social media. Stay tuned for regular updates as we strive to raise awareness and funds for this important cause.

This initiative holds special significance for us at HSD, as one of our own, Diane, has bravely battled through her journey with bowel cancer. Diane's story underscores the urgency of open dialogue and early detection in combating this disease:

"Just over two years ago, I received an unexpected diagnosis of stage 3 bowel cancer. Despite leading a healthy lifestyle – exercising regularly, eating organic, and abstaining from smoking – I found myself confronting a formidable adversary. Following a gut feeling (pun intended), I requested a FIT test from my GP after experiencing a minor tummy upset. The results were staggering, with a value exceeding 200.

Subsequent tests revealed a 2.8cm adenocarcinoma in the recto-sigmoid junction of my bowel. Promptly, I underwent robotic anterior resection surgery to remove the tumour and a portion of my intestine. However, further examination uncovered additional cancerous deposits, escalating my diagnosis to stage 3. Aggressive chemotherapy followed, a rigorous six-month regimen aimed at eradicating any lingering cancer cells.

Today, eighteen months post-treatment, I remain vigilant with regular check-ups and screenings. Thankfully, there's been no evidence of recurrence. My journey shows the importance of self-awareness and early intervention. Familiarise yourself with your body's normalcy, and don't hesitate to seek medical attention if something doesn't feel right"

Let's continue to raise awareness, promote early detection, and advocate for the best possible treatments. Your support means the world to us, and we deeply appreciate any donations and help in spreading awareness about bowel cancer. Together, we can make a difference in this important cause. 💖


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