What are the top 5 things visitors want to see when landing on your website's homepage?

If you haven't already asked yourself this question, it is highly likely that your website isn't fully optimised for conversions. The average time users spend on a website is only 45 seconds. People are getting more and more impatient, and their attention spans shorter and shorter. If your website doesn't immediately engage them and make them want to spend time there, they will quickly bounce off and go to one of your competitors instead.

1. Contact information that is easy to find

Are you converting? A low conversion rate may be due to something as basic as not displaying your contact information in an easy to find location (preferably at the top), and in large font. People also like to see multiple contact options - contact forms alone are not enough. So include your phone number, email address and physical address. If you look like you are easy to contact and they can see where your bricks and mortar premises is, it improves your credibility and increases trust. Social media links are also important.

2. Description of your business and what you do

Again, this needs to be front and centre. Make it short and sweet, plain and simple. Use uncomplicated, jargon-free language. If potential customers or clients can't work out within seconds if you are right for them, they will bounce right off your site and go elsewhere. Your logo should also instantly convey your brand image and what you do.

3. Easy navigation if they want to go to another page

There's nothing worse for users if they can't easily find links to the specific information they are looking for. So keep the navigation on your site simple and straightforward. It is a good idea to have four or five main navigation points with short, clear titles. These will include "About Us", "Contact", and "Our Services".

4. A clean, uncluttered, modern design

This is the first thing that a potential customer notices before even reading a single word. So, don't distract but encourage engagement instead. When scrolling down your homepage, the different subject areas need to stand out clearly, and not be cluttered, too colourful or with poor formatting. A clean and clear design gives users a positive experience from the moment they arrive on your homepage.

5. Testimonials as proof that you are great at what you do

Social proof is more important than ever, with the growing importance of social media marketing. Users want to see glowing testimonials to give them trust and confidence in you, as people are not easily parted with their hard-earned cash. As well as testimonials, you can include product reviews, and also a list of places which have featured your products or services - whether online or in the press.

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