What did 2021 look like at HSD?

Like most, we didn’t know quite what to expect from 2021. However, we are pleased to report that we have been busy talking with all our clients and shouting about all the great services and products that they have to offer. What we want to know is, how well do you know HSD? Are you aware of what services we currently offer? Most importantly, what we can do to help you and your business.

Below, we have put together a selection of FAQs that might have crossed your mind:


I want my business cards redesigned but I’m running out of ideas and I’m not sure where to start. What should I do?

Besides getting in touch and booking a consultation with us to discuss your thoughts and ideas, we’d recommend going back to the roots of your business. What prompted or motivated you to start your business, and what does it offer? It might seem simple but going back to where you started is an essential part of the process – think about the visions, conversations, or previous projects that inspired your business. We’ll be here with our creative touch to bring it to life.


How can I make sure customers can see my website on Google?

So, you might have recently built your own website but noticed that you aren’t getting many hits on Google. The internet is full of a lot of information, which is why it’s important to understand the need for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). [Hyperlink previous blog on SEO]  By working together with the team at HSD, we can help you to achieve your targets by using client-specific SEO tools and embedding your site with keyword rich content.


I love my new website, but I don’t have the time to update our social media pages. Can you help?

In short, yes we can! Aside of designing and developing websites, we also offer a range of digital marketing services. Let us help you to grow your business by managing and creating content for your social media channels. We can schedule your posts, map out a content calendar, or use tools such as Hootsuite and Google Analytics to ensure that your followers know all of the latest updates when it comes to your brand.

We hope you’ve had the chance to familiarise yourself with (or be surprised by) the services that HSD currently has to offer! Give us a call or drop us a line if we can help you to achieve your goals for 2022.

You’ve got the steps, now all you need to do is gather those testimonials and sell your digital brand story. Don’t forget to drop us a line if you want to plan your next marketing strategy.

If you need us you can get in touch with us by emailing [email protected] or give us a call on 01923 260519.